Debut gig with Linus Fishler – Our new Drummer

So, we had our first gig with our new drummer at Hirschi last night (18.01). Pretty much a success, not spontaneous combustions of any sort and it sounded music to our ears.

We had the pleasure to present three new songs, which if I read the people right, went down very nicely. The new songs will find a place in our set list.

Because our song texts are so deep, here are some insights.

New Song 1:
Stone the crows
Stone the crows is actually A saying my father use to use a lot...usually at us when we were kids. It kind of means, "oh, for fucks sake", but in a very gentle manner.
Stone the crows, with its Bowie kind of slapping baseline inspired me to write a space oddity kind of song. It tells of an atomic war initiated by President Trump and Kim Jong. As the crew of a space ship are heading on a mission for Mars the atomic war begins, the radios fall into silence and the crew realise that this will now be a one way mission. The Chorus "Far from home, all alone, stone the crows" sums up their situation. They eject the Flag of the USA from the ship as it no longer has any meaning as the earth is destroyed and they settle down try to conserve energy as they know there will be no supply ship for them for fresh stocks of oxygen and food anymore. Once they hit the Martian ground they can generate their own oxygen, but will they even make it there alive? In the days before they are due to arrive on Mars, oxygen dwindles and they look back to the once blue planet of earth, now just a black spot, they slowly slip into unconsciousness. The last guitar build up of the song describes the entry into the Martian atmosphere (hopefully the landing will be successful without a ground control). They finally touch down successfully, and the craft begins making oxygen. Happy ending. If this was a Music video (which I would love to have made), the final scene would be one of the astronauts throwing Martian stones at a crow he carved out of a rock.

Stoneage Diet – Live at Hirschi!
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A Prime Mover
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